Absorb those around you. Of course I don’t mean to leech the life from them in some sort of science fiction effort. Absorb their wisdom, knowledge and experience – take the best they have to offer and integrate it into your own understanding.

There are people we come across through various circumstances and they have a lot to offer. Unique perspectives, experiences, interests, world views and the like. They are worth being absorbed. What you’ll find in this deliberate exercise is that you have a lot that you don’t fully understand.

Understanding opens all kinds of possibilities. On the surface it is simple the fact that you have more knowledge than you did before, but further to that, you can now put your knowledge to good use. This leads to better interactions with people in every aspect of your life, the ability to recognize which path to take and when to take it.

In the simplest of terms, absorbing those around you makes you a more complete person with a stronger ability to navigate ideas and pursue life. There is so much you do not yet know or understand, be humble about that, and seek to absorb as much as you can.

You can absorb people through observation, conversation, asking questions, new experiences, there are a myriad of ways. This absorption must be deliberate in whichever way you pursue it and it must not be selective, everyone is worthy of being absorbed. Approach this in a whole manner, as half of the story is useless in and of itself.

Absorb leaders. Absorb colleagues. Absorb educators. Absorb philosophers. Absorb artists. Absorb opposition. Absorb the stranger on the seat next to you. Absorb the poor fellow begging for coins. Your human brain has a great capacity for it. Never stop.

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